Carpet and upholstery

Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Two extremely popular services of ours are our professional carpet cleaning and professional upholstery cleaning.

When using a professional cleaner for these services, the difference in results, as compared to doing it yourself, is as clear as day. Especially if you get Perryman’s on the job!

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We are qualified professionals in carpet cleaning, receiving qualifications from two of the best trainers in the country!

Always developing our skills further with up to date training to keep up to date with new materials and the industry best practices!

For our carpet cleaning service, we use fibre identification, pre-spray and pre-vacuum techniques, as well as agitation and hot water extraction to deliver the best results for our clients.

This means you can trust us, the professionals, to get the job done right, whatever it may be. 

From even the cleanest of properties a massive percentage of dirt in a carpet resides in the pile base and cannot be removed with a standard conventional vacuum cleaner.

It consists of dirt brought in from outside, grit, dust, and skin cells from us and from your pets.

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We are professional upholstery cleaning specialists and professional leather cleaning specialists qualified by the professionals! 

We are well trained in cleaning any and all upholstery in your home to a tremendously high quality whatever the material.

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