Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

No matter what business you’re in, having a clean kitchen is of the upmost importance. A kitchen is a breeding place for germs and mess, and even though you may not run a restaurant, a staff kitchen still needs to be cleaned – which is why kitchen & extraction system cleaning is so important.

During our time cleaning your kitchen, we are able to help restore everything back to its original state – like canopies, extractor fans and filters, and these all must be cleaned by law every 6 months. You can be sure that we will leave your kitchen equipment germ free and most importantly, fully compliant with health and safety guidelines. 

Additional services

– Cleaning maintenance packages, visiting on a regular basis grease levels. 

–  Replace damaged mesh filters with brand new stainless steel ones this helps not to restrict the air flow to the system.

– Expert look at your extractor hoods and fans.

Failure to carry out regular duct cleaning can be a major fire hazard, and not just that it can invalidate a buildings insurance cover.