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Posted June 17, 2022

Oven Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning Business:

We are your local Oven cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Cleaning and Hard Floor Cleaning Specialists!

Starting a Business!


Welcome to our first Blog Post at Perryman’s. Myself Jamie Perryman the Director and Founder of Perryman’s Home Services Limited will be updating our blog posts on a common basis. From cleaning tips, why to choose us, About our equipment, about our training, Changes in the business and anything I can think of really!

I am going to treat this like a diary for our readers to give a full insight of what we are like at Perryman’s. Starting this post with how we got here!

How we got here and personal 

Back in 2018 me and Jo purchased a property in Swaffham, Norfolk and found out we were having a baby. Moved into the property in February 2019 and our daughter was born in June. I then worked for a Premium car Dealership in King’s Lynn Norfolk. Jo worked for a Children’s Nursery in Dereham Norfolk. I really did love the motor trade, Passion for the brand I worked for and a passion for the challenge! Having our daughter made me think differently about my life and how I felt I wasn’t giving enough time to her as much as Jo who was on maternity. Think I felt left out and missing things! (Should have just taken more holiday at the time!).


In 2019 I looked for something closer to home and joined an Insurance Firm in Swaffham, Norfolk. Something different and learnt a lot about myself there too! Surrounded by a great, supportive team and never dreaded going to work! Well Covid-19 Struck hard in our area early 2020 and Jo was placed onto furlough with an 80% Pay. With already taking a large pay cut. We had to try find the difference. We rented a room to a friend to make the bills and of course support him for most of the first lockdown.

Getting noticed

Done a few small gardening jobs when we were allowed out of lockdown from the back of my white Seat Ibiza. Went to work and then went off to my first small clients. Also began working deliveries for a local Indian restaurant in Swaffham, Norfolk to even help meet the bills.
Before I knew it, we were being questioned about other services we could offer! “Do you offer cleaning near me in Swaffham?” “Do you offer Oven Cleaning?” ” Do You Offer Carpet Cleaning?”. We pulled together and made sure these jobs could be completed! From then Perryman’s Home Services was born!

Phone Ringing off the Hook!

We had Estate Agents in Swaffham, King’s Lynn, Dereham, Fakenham and Even Wymondham calling us asking how soon we could clean for them! Yes, we admit we were struggling to keep up! We made the decision to speak to a local business advisor and get some advice. We pushed hard on our social media using all our own images and putting together little cheesy posts! Before long I was deciding to make a go of this! Booked professional training in Oven Cleaning and Carpets and purchased our first professional equipment! Handed in my notice offering a longer period to help support a replacement being trained up. Was so exciting but again was many sleepless nights!

Picking up our first van

I remember picking up my first van all excited! Driving from one side of Kings Lynn back to Swaffham with so many thoughts going through my head! “Have I made the right decision?” “What if it does not work?”. I just had to have faith in what I was doing! Parked up on the drive after filling my fuel tank and noticed fuel going down the road in the morning. I had a huge leak in the fuel tank! The van I purchased had the ply in the back of the van screwed straight into the fuel tank! What a nightmare straight away big bill to pay!

Receiving our first machine

I remember receiving my first Carpet cleaning machine nervous about my training the following week. I though would be a good idea to practice my own carpets without any training! Therefore, a professional is always important! (We will go into that and why on another blog)

I flooded my whole downstairs at 21:00 at night. Finished cleaning and had to excess water in the clean water tank part of the carpet cleaner. I left it to empty into the dirty unattended as I refilled the van, and I came back into the hose to the pipe laying on the floor emptying around 5-8 litres of water onto my floor! Was a huge panic and really worried me about doing any more houses until trained! It could have been worse, but lesson learnt straight away! The following week I attended my first course leaving so positive and ready to go! Doing as taught and giving customers great results and leaving happy faces!

Oven Cleaning

The oven cleaning was the best move for us as a business and really pushed us to be different! The results were instant! BIO Friendly, professional strip downs, cleans and rebuilds! Wasn’t a spray can job, wasn’t a caustic clean, this was a full professional Oven clean! (will also go into this further in a future post).

I travelled all the way to the other side of the country for some of the best Oven Cleaning training in the UK! I received the best training and felt even more positive about business. A whole week in a hotel room, thinking business through in the evenings. How can I make more of this? So much work coming in we had to do something!

First Employee!

I was speaking with Jo one night on the phone about a friend of hers at Nursery and how her partner was having a hard time being on a Zero Hour contract and always being let down at last minute by his employer with hours. The country at this point was still in struggle with Covid-19 so this is totally understandable that this was happening. For us everything was just going cleaning mad due to this!

I had to have a chat with this guy and see how we could make this work to support each other! Asked if he could clean our cars as I was really interest in how he handled someone’s else’s property and the quality of the job. So impressed even the little quote he said of “smells of cookies inside now and the windows smell of mint!” Just a proper 5 Star service! Paid also of course!

Before long Lewis was our first employee and now one of my best of friends! We really pushed great as a team! Really, really long hours! Starting at 08:00 most days and sometimes working until 22:00/Midnight! Perryman’s Home Services was actually born and about to thrive!
A year on from then and a lot has happened and I am excited to tell you all about it in future posts too! I look forward to mentioning other businesses that have supported us and go into detail about services they offer also!

Finishing up

Now offering a range of many different services across Norfolk. We aim to be recognised more for offering a quality of service to improve staffs lives and our clients! Currently offering many services throughout Norfolk Such as cleaning homes, offices, businesses, oven cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, gutter cleaning and Hard Floors! Please continue to keep updated with our blog posts and enquire for any further information via our contact us page. Be great to work with other companies that do services we do not offer yet. Be great to chat to businesses that are looking for cleaning support!

Oven Cleaning – Carpet Cleaning

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